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Make Money From Your Websites

Don’t waste your time on finding advertisers. Use CoinAD.media to monetise your traffic via desktop and mobile ad formats. Create and place ad codes and monetise your website traffic. Our system ensures maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads from highest bidders on your websites.

Ad codes are available as simple one line html code for displaying text or banner ads. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. CoinAD.media ad codes are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating best matching ads for the same. You may customise ad codes from CoinAd.media by modifying various style attributes so as to match with your website design.

You can also configure filters in your ad codes for restricting your competitor ads from being displayed on your websites. Payments through Bitcoin, statistics in real time.

Monetizing From CoinAD.media

Track your ad code performance and earnings using the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods. These reports provide statistics of impressions, clicks, earnings and CTR of your ad codes. The reports help you to identify your top performing ad codes by providing detailed statistics of individual ad codes.

Monetizing From CoinAD.media

CoinAD.media provides multiple payout options for withdrawing money from your publisher account. You can request payouts using fast and secure Bitcoin gateway when your balance reaches minimum payout level. History of your payouts can be tracked easily from your account.